Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Hot new Model from THAILAND: Miss Joon Mali

Find out all about Joon and what she likes:

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Monday, May 29, 2006

New Asian Model Sensation: Joon Mali

Ya know... It is truly a lovely thing when a sexy, new girl comes along like this. When a sexy newcomer just pops up out of no where! Along comes Joon Mali...

This little 18 year-old Thai chick is just amazing. She actually lives on an Island in Thailand. My god... I mean... She is so tiny and so fun with a beautiful sexy and fun smile.

Her name is Joon Mali, she is gorgeous and sexy and loves to be in front of the camera.
We asked her what she liked about being in front of the camera so much and Joon answered:
"I just love the idea of all these men looking at my pictures."

How did we find Joon Mali: A video producer that I work with found Joon one day when he was shooting another girl in Thailand. He said he knew from the moment he spoke to her, that Joon would be a star.

Joon Mali now has her own Web site where she plays and has all the fun she wants!

Fall in Love with Joon Mali : Official Web Site of Joon Mali
I get asked probrably 3-4 times a week "How can I get into this biz...?"

Have you ever thought about getting into the Porn Business and Starting your Own Web site or Video series?

Well... It ain't easy! But... I'm putting together something that might help you!

Friday, May 05, 2006

The blog has started.

I am Rock Reed- Your Porn Producer!

It ain't easy being greasy!

Amateur Slut Videos - Because everyone loves a Good Slut!

It's ya Boy... Back again... ROCK------ROCK REED!

You know I love slutty, nasty Amateurs just as much as I do Hardcore, Popular Porn Stars.

So I give to you... GRACE!

Here is an Asian lady named Grace - She is a 36 year-old mother of two. She had never done anything in her life that was wild before. She explained to me that just two months before the shoot that she had gotten a boob job. She said she was always self concious about her small Asian tits all her life and she just finally decided to do it. She told me that she felt so sexy and so horny about her new look that she wanted to do her very first porn video.

Look at that sweet Asian pussy in the 1st pic on the 3rd row... Looks yummy, doesn't it?

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Black Sex Online Amateurs

Black Sex Online has been active and online since 1998.

It is one of the longest indepedantly owned and operated Black Sites on the Internet.

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Mya is probrably my favorite model on the site...

She is just gorgeous and has the best tits on a black girl I have ever seen!

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Lacey Duvalle Pictures And Movies at Freeones

Lacey Duvalle has always been a super cute and super hot Ebony porn star.

She is widely considered one of the Hottest Black Porn Stars of all time!

Well... In a recent "EXTREME PORN VIDEO" Lacey was pushed to the brink!

This is the video that made her retire from Porn!

Press Release: BCM Adult/XXX News Service:

May 10, 2005, New York. May 10, 2005.

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Lacey Duvalle was shooting a hardcore porn video with a group of white guys. She was explained everything before hand! Rough blow jobs, Hard fucking, etc...

Lacey didn't take the guys too seriously and she proceeded with the video shoot as planned. The video got hard and rough as Lacey went to work on the white cocks. Gagging and choking... she continued.

The white boys went to work immediately on Lacey... humiliating her, degrading her, making her gag, and, of course, abusing her cunt and throat. (Nice work guys!)

The fellas destroyed her dignity and soul, as well as her body, and made Lacey gag and throw up. Yet... Lacey continued to suck those dicks even in a pool of her own vomit. (What a champ!)

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LACEY DUVALLE GAG VIDEO: The one that made her retire from Porn for good!


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LISA SPARXXX is hot to trot!

I have always found Lisa Sparxxx hot and cute... She has a gorgeous smile and a kind of amateur feel about her. But make no mistake... This girl does it Hardcore... She does some extreme and wild stuff...

I also got to meet Lisa a couple times at two different porn conventions. She was nice and always looked hot as hell.Check more of Lisa out at:
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