Friday, June 16, 2006

Ayana Angel's Creampie Video:
Ayana lets Two white guys cum right inside her Black Pussy. So Damn Hot!

"What is a Creampie?" You ask...
Creampie is an alternative to the money shot in pornographic movies. Instead of the man ejaculating onto his partner, he ejaculates inside his partner's vagina or anus at the conclusion of a sexual act. Usually, the camera will zoom in on the woman's vagina or anus (wherever the semen was deposited) as the male performer removes his penis from the recipient, allowing the audience to observe the semen as it leaks out.
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Ayana Angel is simple amazing... Look at her ripped, muscular body. She has always been one of my favorite Ebony Porn Stars. When I saw that she had done a creampie video with my producer buddy Rick over at CreamPieEbony - I got excited. I couldn't wait to check out the scene. And let me tell you peepz... This scene is hot and definately worth checking out!

The site has alot of regular, next-door black girls getting their first ever creampies, as well as some popular porn stars such as:
Candice Von, Adina Jewel, Promise, Devin Deray and more...

In the past year or so... I have become a big fan of Creampie producers and their content.
It's selling very well for everyone, which means... It's what the people want!
Check out CreamPieEbony today... From there you can take a look at all of Rick's other Creampie video series.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Frank Wank: The Life and Times of a Real Internet Pimp.
Watch Frank Wank Fuck Latina Hottie: Eva Lopez

Frank Wank has got to be one of the funniest web sites around.

I've personally met, hung out and partied with Frank (Frank Benjamin) and YellowMenace (Webmaster/Marketing Manager). They are two really cool and down to earth guys.

The "Frank Wank" concept is basically that He is an Internet Pimp that finds Hot New Models and Wanna Be Porn Sluts. He then goes thru the motions... The girls Suck Him, Fuck Him, and in some cases...Lick his asshole... Frank just adores having his asshole licked on video. Frank is a true Lush and he loves every minute of it!

You know you've got The Real Frank Wank when you see his Big Ole Pimp Cane and that Crazy Leopard Pimp Hat he loves to wear.

Frank Wank has super hot porn star babes and some of the best POV scenes I've ever seen on the Interweb. Frank does great POV camera work- Which I would imagine must be hard because some of these Super-Sluts are like super fucking hot!

Frank, if you're reading this...I still think you had surgery on that thing and its a prosthetic! Holla atcha boy! :)

Super Agent Frank Benjamin is a god amongst men. Long live Frank Benjamin!

Havana Ginger and Frank Wank (latina hardcore video- this chick is BAD FUCKING ASS!)

Jade Hsu and Frank Wank (asian hardcore video) - Rare video of Jade HSU doing boy-girl/xxx video.

Eva Lopez and Frank Wank (latina hardcore pics) Eva Lopez, in my opinion is the hottest Latina in Porn today! is Part of the group of sites.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Asian Porn Star Tia Ling ba-jesus--How'd you get so Gaddamn Fine...?

Tia has an incredibly ripped body...Her stomach is so defined, you can easily see the rock-solid 6-pack--especially when she is in a hard-core fucking position. Tia is also known for her gorgeous and rock-solid fake breasts. When most girls are going crazy with the breasts... Tia chose you just make them nice, plump and firm. Yes, it is true... Tia has a gorgeous body. In fact, she was voted one of the top 10 hot bods in all of porn (2006). But Tia is also gorgeous. Her face is so pretty that she will easily captivate you with her huge smile. And let's not even begin to talk about Tia's sweet and tight little Asian pussy. You've heard all the rumors about Asian pussy and how it's so tight...right? Well... in this case... It's Absolutely True!

Official site of Asian Porn Star Tia Ling

Interested in booking Tia Ling for a photo/video shoot or feature dancing?

--Tia Ling availability info--
Tia Ling has shot for Hustler, dvsx, Mercenary Pictures, Red Light, and more. Looking for shoots or feature dancing opportunities in USA, will travel. We work together or with other talent. B/G, B/G anal, B/B/G anal or dp, Facial, creampie, etc. We have a demo dvd and have done scenes together with Sinistar, A2p media, Mika Tan Prod., Bang Bros., Libra Studios, cute couples, Mommy got Boobs, iceyporn, score, Voodoomediagroup and DC Productions. We work very well together or apart. We prefer to work together at first, but don't mind working with other males for threesome, foursome, etc. Open to most types of scenes and scenarios. thanks, Tia Ling.

Tia always puts 169% effort into her XXX video and photo shoots. She really loves sex and being the center of attention. Ya Boy Rock says: Book Tia today and you can't go wrong.

You can learn more about Tia Ling, Mika Tan, Mimi Miyagi, Asian Carrera and other Asian porn stars and models at My Asian Girlfriend dot com.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's a brand new blog site by my producer buddy-- the great Johnny CockNBallz.

Johnny specializes in cum shot videos and cum shot scenes.

He loves to blast slutty girls right in their face!

They are here! And it's Official... You know the name, you know the brand...
You know the Titties :)

The official Girls Gone Wild series of web sites is finally here! (Can you believe it took Joe Francis this long to chase this cash cow?!)

It's amazing the brand name that Joe Francis has created for Girls Gone Wild in just a few short years.
This man is either a genius - or is smart enough to surround himself with the most incredible marketing people.

Girls Gone Wild has gone from Zero to Hero in just a few years.

Beautiful girls, wild parties, lots and fun and Joe is making a ton of money!

Hell... I normally only like Hardcore/XXX but Girls Gone Wild is just hot enough to keep me interested!